Refining is used to make higher metals. Each recipe has a primary material and two secondary materials, and are used in a ratio of 2:1:1.

example: open the refining window and place some pig iron in the primary slot with half as much calx powder and coke in the two secondary slots. Press the refine button and after a short timer, you’ll recieve some amount of grain steel; how much depends on your lore skills for the materials involved and your skill with refining.

Result Primary Secondary Secondary
Grain Steel Pig iron Coke Calx Powder
Steel Grain Steel Coal Saburra Powder
Tungsteel Grain Steel Lupium Granum Powder
Bron Cuprum Bleck Saburra Powder
Messing Cuprum Calamine Saburra Powder
Tindremic Messing Messing Almine Gem Metal
Cronite Grain Steel Almine Arcronite
Oghmium Tungsteel Cronite Sanguinite

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