2013 year end Update

It’s been a couple weeks since the latest patch to Mortal Online which added new armors and material textures (as well as an overhaul to the graphic system to better support large numbers of players). While I understand the need to update the engine to better support the influx of population that could be coming from a steam launch of the game, I was a bit underwhelmed at how little new content was added after 8 months of development (and supposed outsourcing of the animation).

We all hope and dream of the best with each new patch but I don’t think I’m alone in expecting a bit more than 3 new armor sets and some shiny new textures after this long a development cycle. Hopefully the Territory Control patch isn’t too far away and is a bit more interesting than the armor update we just got. I’m hoping most of the dev time was spent on the TC stuff and the armor updates were pushed out just because they needed to add the Christmas event and it happened to be (more or less) ready. Time will tell….

So three new armors added in the patch, Expilator, Direptor, and Tindremic Guard. Everyone’s had time to check them out and few secrets remain, so time for some hard data. Check them out on the Armor Calculator to see how they fare. In general, I expect warriors to move to molarium based Tindremic Guard. Free to play players will have more options with the lighter armors but I don’t expect much of a shake-up as while the direptor and expilator may look cool, they’re not anything too special defense wise.

The annual christmas sacking/looting of a random house was added once again, this time in the Tindrem docks area. Little bags spawn all over the area (underwater, inside buildings, etc) but you can gather them to get some random trinkets. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a fistfull of cuprum coins instead of simply nothing. Really lucky? maybe some silver coins. Win the powerball lottery jackpot lucky? perhaps you’ll get one of the things below, tho i wouldn’t hold your breath.

Mortal Data’s Wiki for Mortal Online is now open!

Yes you read right, we now have a wiki. Its not a regular wiki in the traditional sense; it doesn’t accept submissions. It does, however, convey a lot of information directly to you about various aspects of Mortal Online in a far better way than could be made available here in the blog.

The wiki is far from finished, there’s much work to be done and the multitude of empty links on the main page are testament to that. What is there, however, is a lot of reference information that many players will find handy.

Enjoy your visit to the wiki!