New feature: maps!

Added support for the map of Nave/Myrland in two flavors; one player made the other from StarVault’s chronicles pages.

Toggle the buttons to see possible house spots, keep spots, priests, and towns. This is a helpful resource for newbies and useful information for those looking for possible house spots.

A warning for those on older browsers, if the points on the map don’t display when you press the buttons, you may need to update your browser to view them properly.

New calculators added

Added new calculators in for both the armorcrafting and bowcrafting professions. Weaponcrafting values have been updated as well.

The new graphs allow for the easy comparison of several items at once, simply shift-click or ctrl-click multiple items in the history list. Exact values can be found by clicking on an individual bar in the list. If you find any errors, please let me know.

Mortal Online Skill List Updated

Awakening is released, and it’s time to start getting some reference information posted. I’ve added the skill list similar to how it used to be on the old blog, but since all books can be read to 70 anymore, i’ve removed that data and added a flag for if the skill can be auto-learned or not. Have a look-see:

Mortal Online Skill List

Archived Posts

I’ve added all my old posts from to here. They wont be updated any further and will just exist for archive purposes. I have much better tools and information planned for the future here so there’s no point in keeping the old posts current.

Much of the information I’ve posted previously is outdated by now, tho the general concepts remain. There will be new calculators and other information in the weeks to come, stay tuned…