This is a fansite for the MMORPG Mortal Online by Star Vault. It is a place for reference information on skills and items, a place for research on how the various crafting subsystems work and interact, and a place for discussion for all things related to Mortal Online. I’ve spent some not-insignificant amount of time doing my own research into many parts of the game and have made this information available to the community here on MortalData.

I’d like for this site to not be just a one-way street where I simply provide information to the community, but rather for the whole community to be engaged in the information gathering process. This includes experimentation on the newer subsystems that are not fully understood as well as verification that the current understanding of older subsystems is still correct.


If you feel the need to get in touch with me you can sign up here on the blog or send an email to mortaldata [at] mortaldata.com.


If you wish to contribute to the continued existence of this site, you can send bitcoins to our bitcoin address: 14f845YT9KVK5yD4TDTZp3hgprvcoPb52W


I first heard of Mortal Online from a friend likely back in 2009. I signed up for the beta test and hoped to get into one of the early testing blocks but no such luck. So, like many others, I started playing during the open beta phase in early 2010. That was such a clusterfuck of ridiculous bugs, insane desync issues, and a few wipes that its a miracle the game managed to attract any followers at all.

Despite all the problems, there was something definitely different to Mortal; some allure I can’t quite pin down but yet am inexplicably drawn to. So crushed under the enormous knowledge gap between myself and the people who had played thru the earlier beta phases, who had found reasonable weapons and armor to use, I found the challenge refreshing.

I started experimenting with the game’s subsystems and mechanics, but was dismayed at how little information was available online. I suppose it was due to the pvp focus of the game that noone was willing to share information, since in doing so you would be more or less arming the enemy, which can be counterproductive. I, on the other hand, had found a series of puzzles I could use my brain to help solve.

This site is the result of my efforts.

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